Estúdio Roni Hirsch

The studio Roni Hirsch, for the last 10 years, has been working in the market. It has act as design and art direction for different business and brands.

Small or big projects are challenges that motivate him. All possibilities for finding solutions and materials resources feed his creativity.

We have a staff in several areas such as Architecture, Design, Illustration, Woodworking, and Scenography. All of that, it has been managed by Roni Hirch. Outside own staff, several trusted partnerships are available for any project requirement.

Roni Hirsch is an visual artist graduated from FAAP (São Paulo, Brazil). He has has worked in Israel, India, and several countries in Europe, where it has influenced him and his work. The environment, besides of support for his works, it is his main strategy for communication.

He started his career painting scenes for Operas. He had worked with the best fashion photographers of São Paulo, and he had offer design classes in Barcelona (Spain) and São Paulo.

His main strength is the easy movement for different medias such as Movies, Presentations, Photos, Business environments, Entertainment, and Arts.